Gordons Living History

Gordons Living History is a re-enactment group based in the Netherlands which portrays the Scottish regiment The Gordon Highlanders through the ages. Our aim is to portray the regiment as accurately as we can and to have a lot of fun doing so.

Napoleonic Wars

Our primary focus is the regiment during the Napoleonic wars. We portray the Light Company of the 92nd Regiment of Foot “The Gordon Highlanders” as was the official name of the regiment at that time. We often work together with our sister unit based in Germany which portrays the Grenadier Company. We do not only show the military side, but also the civilians who would have been in the camp and followed the army. 

2nd Boer War

A number of our members have the uniform and equipment that the regiment wore and used during the 2nd Boer War in South Africa. Some of our female members portray the British nurses that were sent to South Africa to take care of the wounded. We portray this period less frequently, due mainly to the limited amount of events. 

World War 1

The First World War or Great War is also one of our focus periods. As Gordons Living History we try to present an accurate impression of how a rifleman looked and what kind of equipment he would have had. The equipment of the soldiers changed a lot during the war and we try to show these changes in our uniform as well.

World War 2

We are not very active in this period yet, but a number of our members have the uniform and equipment. We portray the 1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders which was part of the 51st Highland Division.